Let’s Put Graphene Super Conductors Inside Communication Cables and Transmission Lines

There sure have been a lot of new research and development discoveries within the Graphene experimentation community. One college and university in California has discovered that it can create tiny Graphene sheets which spin at 60,000 revolutions and that is just what has been observed during the first discovery. Some scientists believe that they will be able to spin four times that much or more. When I say tiny Graphene sheets, I am talking about a nanoscale.Now then, it is possible to put these nanoscale Graphene superconductor type materials within cables, and this would speed up the transmission of data. It could power up the cables, and if they were set within the cable at a certain distance apart, this opens up completely new possibilities in the transferring of data and the speed at which we sent information. What if we put such things in our transmission lines for energy (electricity)? It is possible that we could have no energy loss during the transmission, or such a low energy loss that it would hardly be noticed.That alone could save our nation from building new power plants, and increase the efficiency of the flow of energy, and communication. Have scientists stumbled upon something that will revolutionize the future of these sectors? Yes, I believe so, but more work needs to be done. With the right amount of funding, and more exploration, it could easily happen within 5 to 10 years, mankind could solve much of its energy capacity challenge, along with the problems of building more Internet backbone to handle 7 billion people on the planet all online at the same time. Indeed, it is my job to bring this to your attention, and your job to please consider it.